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Wootz is made of innovators. We are scientists, engineers, and strategists. Our unrivalled breadth and depth of skills has helped us accelerate innovation into commercial application. We are always on the look out for like-minded partners to join us in applying our materials to solve problems and gain a competitive advantage.

Amram is a research scientist turned entrepreneur. His deep interest in nanomaterials began at Rice University where he gained a PhD in Chemical Engineering along with the attention of peers for published work on materials characterization and carbon nanotube antennas. His passion for innovation is the driving force in bringing a new nanomaterial to market.

Amram Bengio Chief Executive Officer

BA Phys. | PhD Chem. Eng.
Olivia set aside a thriving career as an M&A lawyer with Vinson & Elkins to help bring a disruptive technology to market. Having acted as outside counsel since Wootz’s founding, Olivia now leads from the inside, using her unique perspective to support Wootz’s strong growth trajectory.

Olivia Espy Huntington Chief Operating Officer

BA Econ. | MPhil Econ. | J.D.
Stephen brings diverse experience in science, operations, and strategy. After obtaining his PhD, Stephen worked at Boston Consulting Group, where his work focused on growth strategy and transformation. Stephen now uses his background to bridge innovation and commercialization, and leads business development and commercial strategy at Wootz.

Stephen Yan Chief Commercial Officer

BS Bioeng. | PhD Bioeng.
Alex brings deep materials knowledge, relentless approach to problem solving, and creativity in product & process design. After graduating with a BSME from Rice University, Alex had 10+ years of engineering experience across O&G, extrusion, and medical devices. Alex lives outside the proverbial box, making impact across R&D, design, and manufacturing.

Alex Marks Chief Engineer

BS Mech. Eng.
Rick is a seasoned executive with 30+ yr. operations experience at Raytheon.

Rick Nelson Operations Advisor

Ishi is a Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at the Technion.

Yeshayahu Talmon, PhD Scientific Advisor

Micah is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

Micah Green, PhD Scientific Advisor

Christina is a Chief Commercialization Officer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Christina Lomasney Commercial Advisor

Willy is a seasoned CEO with 35+ yr. experience scaling manufacturing technology companies.

Willy Verbrugghe Commercial Advisor

Nathan is a Rice Clean Energy Accelerator Mentor.

Nathan Ball Commercial Advisor

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