The future is
made with

From Nano

Vantium™ is made from true solutions of carbon nanotube blends. Wootz uses proprietary purification and blending methods to create a variety of carbon nanotube solutions adapted to different applications. These solutions are shelf stable and essential for high-fidelity translation of nano properties to macro structures.

“Only the Wootz process allows the material to be as bespoke as this and have as many amazing properties”

Amram Bengio

To Macro

Wootz boasts the world’s largest capacity continuous aligned carbon nanotube material processing line. Our patented fluid-phase manufacturing process unleashes carbon nanotube properties on the macro scale at industrial capacity. Through alignment and densification, we create high-performance carbon super materials that can be tailored for thickness and properties.

“We have created something so elegantly simple that it raises the performance bar and changes the game. That’s the power of materials”

Alex Marks
Chief Engineer

Optionality from Modularity

The modularity of our processing line makes it easy to add or modify components in order to meet application-specific requirements. It also offers customers the option to integrate our setup within their existing manufacturing processes.